Lesson Fees

1.) National Registration Fee:

The ISR® registration fee for new students is $105.00. This non-refundable fee covers the cost of the registration process which includes: screening for physical and developmental readiness of your child for ISR® lessons. As a thank-you for registering your child with ISR you will receive an electronic copy of the Parent Resource Book (PRB). You will also receive a "Welcome" e-mail from ISR® that will include a credit voucher to be redeemed thru the ISR® Seal Store.
2.) Weekly Lesson Fee:
The weekly lesson fee is $100/week. The first week's fee is pre-paid through PayPal at the time of scheduling. It is non-refundable and holds your child's lesson time. Please keep in mind that each child that enrolls in lessons is given the same focused attention and time, so specifying lesson time slots well in advance of the start date may be difficult if another student’s lessons are delayed for unforeseeable issues. Please understand if your child’s lesson time/start date needs to be adjusted slightly.
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