1.) National Registration Fee:

The ISR registration fee for new students is $105.00. This fee covers the cost of the registration process which includes: screening for physical and developmental readiness of your child for ISR lessons. As a thank-you for registering your child with ISR you will receive a copy of the Parent Resource Book (PRB) and an informational/skills demonstration DVD. You will also receive a "Welcome" e-mail from ISR that will include a voucher for a child's ISR t-shirt and a swim diaper (if applicable). This voucher can be redeemed thru the ISR Seal Store.
2.) Lesson Fee (Weekly):

Morning/Early Afternoon Lessons (until 1:50pm) ~ $80.00 

Palencia ~ $85.00

Late Afternoon/Evening Lessons (after 2pm) ~ $90.00
The first week's fee is pre-paid through paypal, and is non-refundable to hold your child's lesson time. 

Information regarding missed lessons or canceled lessons will be available at the time of registration.
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