1.) National Registration Fee:

The ISR registration fee for new students is $105.00. This fee covers the cost of the registration process which includes: screening for physical and developmental readiness of your child for ISR lessons. As a thank-you for registering your child with ISR you will receive a copy of the Parent Resource Book (PRB) and an informational/skills demonstration DVD. You will also receive a "Welcome" e-mail from ISR that will include a voucher for a child's ISR t-shirt and a swim diaper (if applicable). This voucher can be redeemed thru the ISR Seal Store.
2.) Lesson Fee (Weekly): $100/week

~ We understand that ISR lessons require a significant commitment, both in time and finances. We are pleased to offer a payment plan for our first time swim-float-swim students and first time rollback-float students, to accommodate the needs of individual families.  This plan is, also, perfect for parents that understand the importance of maintenance lessons after the initial lessons and want to take advantage of the upfront discount. Our value package offers a small discount on overall lesson fees, allows families to make a down payment (minimum of $200), and then pay the remainder on a monthly basis. Please contact your instructor for more information. 
The first week's fee is pre-paid through paypal, and is non-refundable to hold your child's lesson time. 

Information regarding missed lessons or canceled lessons will be available at the time of registration.
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